Rachel Wayne: Creative Communicator and Strategic Storyteller

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Gatekeepers of the Galaxy

Gatekeeping refers to the practice of ranking fans of a book, movie, game, or franchise as either “true” or not. Gatekeepers think of themselves as bearing the correct opinion of pop culture and insist that others memorize a vast amount of trivia (even if they themselves don’t do so) in order to prove their fandom. Usually, these completely arbitrary assessments fall along gender lines, with male geeks “cred-checking” female geek con attendees or asserting that females don’t know a lot about th
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About Me

I'm passionate about storytelling, and I enjoy taking a deep dive into the fascinating, the historical, and the weird. I've worked in higher ed, in government, and with startups and small businesses, bringing my academic background in anthropology and my journalistic integrity to the table to tell people's — and my — stories in a compelling way.

I've served as associate editor of an award-winning alumni magazine, and I regularly have my articles published in a variety of publications. At the University of Florida, I regularly wrote media releases about our groundbreaking research and profiles about our innovative faculty, students, and alumni.

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