I love creating high-value, on-brand content that attracts organic traffic and improves search rankings. As a well-versed writer with a deep understanding of web best practices, I strike a balance between SEO-friendly writing and natural language that's enjoyable to read. I draw upon my dual background in marketing and social science to produce long-form content that demonstrates each client's brand authority and resonates with their target audience.

SEO content includes:

  • pillar posts
  • how-to articles
  • topical blogs
  • FAQs

My niches revolve around the world of business, entrepreneurship, and marketing, which entails the diverse topics of digital trends, visual theory, and technology as well. I love bringing out my geekery about coding, design, and productivity to write how-to blogs, historical overviews, and more. And as an expert in workplace science and conflict anthropology, I can also write authoritative articles about work culture, leadership, and team-building.

Browse my portfolio by topic area:

🖥  Marketing, Design, and Tech

💼. Entrepreneurship, Work, and Productivity

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